Defense Grid: You Monster Review

Defense Grid: You Monster takes two things we love, Portal and Defense Grid and mashes them together into something you will love and loathe at the same time, but it is one of the best additions to a game I have seen in quite some time.


Eight new missions and 35 new challenges: This is the first full-story expansion for Defense Grid and if there are more to come after this then You Monster set the bar pretty high. You will have to put patience and tolerance in the drives seat as GLaDOS throws the normal rules right out the window. She will take away your turrets, increase the speed of different waves, and even sell towers right out from under you. She will even make levels that you think you have perfected harder to the point you want to give up. Although, giving up is something you must never do because the more you play the more you come to enjoy it.

GLaDOS Humor: GLaDOS is one of the most recognizable antagonists in the gaming world and she brings to Defense Grid the same humor and snarky altitude she has in Portal. The whole time she is throwing in new rules and changing up the gameplay she will be criticizing you until you think you are worthless and it is great. The addition of GLaDOS’ sarcastic personality to Defense Grid fits perfectly and shows that even without adding new towers you can still breathe new life into a game.

Environment: The levels of You Monster pull the look of test chambers from Portal into them. They are decorated with cameras and other Portal objects that make for a great environment to play in. While actual portals don’t make an appearance you can definitely see the collaboration that took place with Valve.


No Chell, Wheatley, Atlas, or P-Body: While I know it may have been difficult to add them in I feel they would have been a nice addition to the game. You could have had them as cores for a specific level since the other rules are changed and defended them from GLaDOS. While I can’t really take off points for them not being it the game the idea of protecting them from GLaDOS seems like it would be fun to me.

Difficulty Spike: The difficultly in the normal game is challenging but forgiving. In You Monster there are some levels and challenges that aren’t forgiving at all. While the enjoyment of being challenged is ever present some of these were frustrating. When you finally do triumph over the ones that give you trouble though there is an amazing feeling of satisfaction.

In Conclusion:

If you are a fan of Defense Grid then you have most likely already got this DLC because it truly is great. If you are into Portal and the tower defense genre then I would recommend trying out Defense Grid and if you feel it is a game for you then dive into the You Monster expansion because it truly is a great experience for the fans of both games. The replay value of Defense Grid is exponentially increased with the You Monster expansion and GLaDOS is a brilliant addition to the world of the game.

Score: 9/10

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