Mysterious Injustice Hints Revealed At

Ed Boon is at it again with his cryptic messages and clues but this time it has come via the website that he owns. 

At the bottom of the page we see 9,14, 10, 21, 19, 20, 9, 3, 5 which translated to their alphanumeric positions is INJUSTICE. You then get a puzzle that entering in numbers reveals what looks to be blurred screenshots from the game. These numbers have changed since yesterday to reveal new images but the folks over at TRMK have been working to crack the code. Below are the images that have been found and what they seem to be.

  1. First we have what looks to be Atom Smasher and Giganta fighting in a city. We then saw the Injustice Facebook post a picture of the Flash alternate costume which revealed the same character fighting in the back left corner.


  • Next we have an armored being that looks to possibly be Gorrila Grodd but seems to small. Others think it could be Ares.
  • bigarmor_56th


  • We then found a picture of Aquaman and his trident that seem to be there to distract us. tridentInjustice_Aquaman_WatchTower_HiRes_TG


  • The next picture to surface is a blurred image of what looks to be Dr. Mid Nite’s costume similar to what we saw of Dr. Fate recently. I wonder if they could possibly we part of a JSA themed stage? Fate can be seen in the back left corner of the Shazam screenshot. mysterysuit_wsssfdr fate149463_507322209320399_907753360_n

That  is all we have for now but we will keep the post updated as more are found.



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